Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We have been in Dusseldorf since Saturday at the Euroshop show held at the Messe near the airport. Our small booth space was visited by people from 37 countries over five days. We had a good response to our sculptural pieces shown as part of our booth. The orange fabric seems to be part of a larger trend.

The most important thing I learned at the show is that there are a lot of entrepreneurs networking between many countries worldwide. The exhibit industry here is very different from the U.S. market. Exhibit spaces are less object oriented and more social and sales oriented. The booth spaces are more like marketing networks, and the physical aspects of the booths are like a background for meeting and socializing. Personal engagement is a vital aspect of doing business here. Many participants have been involved in the industry for twenty years or more, and have a vested interest in the progress and evolution.

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