Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been thinking about what it means to be contemporary, and I feel strongly that contemporary means "present moment", but also unique, original, and personal. Perhaps "personal" is closest to what I'm looking for to capture my thinking. My desire is to share ideas, and engage in making things. Realistically; this requires a lot of trust, focus, and common desire. The "personal" aspect distinguishes present from past and future projection. Personal has more power because it has the risk of invention.

The reason we occasionally use the word, "contemporaries" is an expression of movement, and acknowledgement of a common path. We exist is the same stream of ideas, and also of implementation. What a joy to discover a contemporary, and how delightful to actually work together!

Interesting that our contemporaries are worldwide, yet we tend to bump into each other often. This is the fleeting flow of words, and images. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008


At high tide the swamp fills with water when the moon is full. When the water receeds, the grass follows the swirling path of the water. The grass loks windswept but really is water-swept instead. Because the process takes place over hours, it is difficult to observe as it is a very slow process. Yet the process is repeated every eleven hours as all the water from this side of the earth flows to the other side of the earth.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



This year the colors are spectacular. Maybe it depends on the rain in June, I'm not sure. I wonder if we all change color and don't realize it. I know the grass in the marsh changes color everyday by a small amount. The change is so small it is hard to detect. But after one week it is quite obvious. I do think we change with the seasons, more than we realize. And winter is probably a time for reflection, and autumn the time to consider reflecting. Maybe it is no coincidence that the market crashes in October. Everyone starts to reflect. Intuition is more powerful than false confidence. The transition of colors is more gradual this year, a slow unfolding over a few weeks.